Monday, February 21, 2011

Original Sin Hard Cider

I don't go for hard ciders often, but I do get a taste for them every now and then. The very cleverly named Original Sin Hard Cider is extremely light in color. It's closer to a white wine than it is a beer. Smells a bit like a white wine, too, but it is full of apple. After drinking it, this really does feel to me more like an apple wine than most hard ciders. The champagne yeast probably has a lot to do with that. While most ciders are cloyingly sweet or puckeringly (like that?) tart, this isn't. It's crisp and refreshing with a good apple taste. There is enough sour tartness in the finish that you won't be disappointed. This is probably the easiest drinking hard cider I have had. Try this for something different. It's quite good. Nice 6% ABV, too.

Grade: A

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