Sunday, February 6, 2011

Anchor Steam Beer

There are many who credit Anchor Steam Beer as being one of the most influential beers in the American craft beer renaissance. That comes with a certain amount of respect. But when tasting this and comparing it to all the mass produced pilsners, you can understand why this is so different. First, the color is a cloudy copper with a creamy white head. And there's actually some flavor to it! Maltiness with some bread notes and a hint of sour in the finish. Perhaps not a world-class beer, but it is certainly an American classic and gets bonus points for the history and revolution it helped to spawn. After having something like Budweiser or High Life, then drinking Anchor Steam, there is no surprise that people were begging for "More! More of that!" (not-at-all-veiled-Top-Gear-reference).

When you take everything into account, there's no way this isn't an A.

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