Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter

Brewed in honor of Hunter S. Thompson, and featuring artwork by Ralph Steadman (as do all Flying Dog brews), Gonzo Imperial Porter is, in a word, unique.

Starts off deep brown with a nice tan head. Huge roasted malt smell in the nose. The taste is where things get a little off the beaten path. It's creamy and a bit more bitter than most porters. Some vanilla sweetness up front. Chocolate and coffee in the finish along with some wood. A hoppy bitterness lingers, too. Flying Dog doesn't mention if this is barrel aged, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Overall, it's more aggressive than most porters, and it certainly works.

The story of Flying Dog and the influence of Thompson and Steadman is really interesting. You should take the time to read through the history on their site.

Grade: A

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