Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shiner Smokehaus

The first thing that surprised me about Shiner Smokehaus was the color. Every smoked beer I've had before this was dark brown or black, but this is as light as crisp as any macrobrew. Perhaps a shade more orange than yellow. But the smoke aroma is certainly there. The taste is pretty good, too. Starts out sweet, a little bit of hops, then that mesquite smokey flavor. Almost like liquid BBQ chips. This isn't one I'd go for often, but at just under 5% ABV, the crisp texture, and easy drinkability, it's perfect for a day of grilling!

Unfortunately, I found the website to be way to busy and complex. Couldn't even find this listed anywhere. Though, I did pour myself a virtual Shiner Bock.

Grade: B

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