Sunday, March 27, 2011

Out on the Tiles Scotch Ale, my new homebrew!

I'm a bit of a Zeppelin nut, and have decided all my beers from now own will have Zeppelin songs as the names. Previously, it was the Night Flight Vanilla Porter. Somewhere down the road, Misty Mountain Hops IPA. Today, Out on the Tiles Scotch Ale. So here's a little look at today's process

First: The ingredients. 9 pounds of light malt extract. The specialty grains are 12 oz of 90L Crystal Malt, 2 oz of roasted barley, and 2 oz of smoked cherry malt. I had originally wanted peated malt, but that wasn't available. As far as the hops, 1 oz of Fuggles and 1 oz of East Kent Goldings. Scotch Ales typically don't have much in the way of hop presence since hops don't grow well in Scotland and they didn't want to pay the English for theirs!

Now, steeping all the specialty grains at or close to 150° for 30 minutes. You really need to watch the temps here, because if you get too close to 170° you will get some nasty flavors!

These grains are steeped! (That is meant to be read as a Cabin Boy reference)

Yuri the Yeast here making sure everything is copacetic.

Hard to get a good shot of the aggressive boil here. But I added all the Fuggles and half the Goldings at the beginning of the boil. The rest of the Goldings went in with 5 minutes left.

And here it is! Just need the temp to come down to pitch the yeast. Bottle in two weeks, then I think I'll give it a month before I try it. Very excited about this one!

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