Tuesday, March 15, 2011

North Peak Vicious Wheat IPA

A brewery new to distributing in Ohio, this is Traverse City, Michigan's North Peak Brewing. Pretty interesting article here on their venture to Ohio. By the way, don't let the searches fool you, the website you want is northpeakbeer.com But this is a brew pub that is now distributing rather than a more traditional brewery.

Their Vicious is an American Wheat IPA. The cloudy pour lets you know it's unfiltered, as well. Lots of citrus in the nose with a bit of banana. There's an interesting sensation I'm trying to figure out how to describe. It's got the aftertaste of a huge IPA, but that giant hop bite wasn't in the initial taste. But lots of hops in the very bitter finish. Quite a bit of orange and banana up front. Very smooth, crisp, and light. Leans more toward an IPA than a wheat.

It's very interesting and definitely worth giving a try. I'm curious to see what else this newly available brewery has to offer.

Grade: B

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