Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beginning Homebrew DVD

Along with drinking craft beers, I also do a little bit of a home brewing. I'm rather pleased with my current Night Flight Vanilla Porter. Next will be Out on the Tiles Scotch Ale. (You may notice a theme in the titles...)

Homebrewing is a lot of fun and it's really rewarding. It's not as intimidating as you might think, either. It's a little complex, you need to do your research, there is some cost, but the very basics of homebrewing are quite simple.

I was sent a DVD called Beginning Homebrewing to review. If you have never brewed before, or maybe have only done 1 or 2 batches, I think this DVD would really help. It goes through every step of the process and it is well explained. It does a great job of showing just how easy homebrewing can be! If you're on the fence about if you want to get involved in homebrewing, check this out, and I bet you will be converted.

The word "beginning" in the title is key, though. If you have brewed at least 5 times, you probably wouldn't get much out of this. However, it's not called Intermediate Homebrewing.

There may have been a few places where I thought some explanations could have been more in depth, but it really does give good information and you will be surprised how easy homebrewing really is!

Want your own copy? I have one to give away! Email me or leave a comment with your email address in the comments section by March 31.



  1. Hi just came across with your site, me and my friends are just starting homebrewing beer. It was really fun. I was wondering if you can send a copy of the this dvd so we could enhance our knowledge in home brewing.

    Mayller Lopez (remove 1 @)

  2. Hi Mayller,

    I'll put you in the drawing! I'll announce the winner on Friday, April 1