Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two Brothers Cane and Ebel

It's not just the clever name of Two Brothers Cane and Ebel and intrigued me, but I'm starting to become a fan of Ryes, as well. And you might be thinking, "But Chad, it should be Cain and Abel, right?" Right, but the eponymous brothers of the brewery are Ebel. Like I said, clever.

Very attractive deep copper color with a decent, sticky head and tons of hops in the nose. It's not has heavy as you might think. The main flavor is a spicy rye with some subtle vanilla and a big hop punch at the end leading to a dry, tart finish. There's some orange in there, as well. I'm noticing some sweet, toasted bread, too.

The 7% ABV warms a bit, and this is certainly bold, but I really like the rye in here and the well balanced,complex flavors.

This is a good one and makes me want to try more from Two Brothers.

Grade: A

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