Friday, May 6, 2011

Great Divide Yeti

A beer and a brewery I have been wanting to try for a while, Great Divide's Yeti is a multiple award winning Imperial Stout. Black as the abyss with a dark sticky head. The smell is roasty and a lot hoppier than I had anticipated. The taste is huge and complex like an Imperial Stout should be! Bittersweet chocolate, caramel and toffee, then finally a big, musty, dry, woody finish. It doesn't have that currant flavor that a lot of RISs do. Velvety texture and so drinkable you need to be careful that the Yeti's 9.5% ABV doesn't unleash your untamed side. Superior lacing, as well. Every sip is a little different. The hops are more noticeable as it warms.

Complex and curious, this isn't a beer to gulp, it's one to savor and discover. Try it!

Grade: A

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