Monday, May 30, 2011

Magic Hat Wacko Summer Seasonal

As much as I love porters, imperial stouts, and the like, when it's hot and you're at a cookout, no one wants to be drinking those all day. That's when it's time for summer seasonals, like Magic Hat's Wacko.

The first thing that stands out is the color. It's pink. It's really the color of pink champagne. Not much head and it goes away pretty quickly. There's something familiar in the smell, but I can't quite place it yet.

The flavor is...odd. It's like sparkling grape juice, and beets. That's where the pink color comes from. Not really any hops. There's a sweet, dry finish. Some cherry in there, too.

As far as summer seasonal goes, it is light and crisp, but it's weird. I finished it, trying to figure it out the whole time. I wouldn't do this again. Sorry, Magic Hat.

Grade: C

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