Tuesday, August 23, 2011

North Coast Old Stock Ale

Barley Wine is a style that's been growing on me. If I had the patience to age, these would be the style to age. However, I am not blessed with that virtue when it comes to beer!

This is North Coast's Old Stock Ale, 2010 version. Deep mahogany color with loads of roasted butterscotch and some wood in the nose. That butterscotch flavor absolutely coats the mouth with a bit of sour tang in the finish. Hops add a welcome kick and some bitterness, but don't get in the way of anything. Picking up some grapes and late chocolate as it warms. It's a heavy hitter at more than 11% ABV, but the alcohol is just a pleasant warmth.

Outstanding! My impatience has been rewarded

Grade: A

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