Friday, August 5, 2011

Bard's Beer

I'm rather intrigued by Bard's Beer, as this is will be my first gluten free beer. I certainly feel for those who have celiac disease and can't eat or drink anything with wheat or barley (so I assume they can have Bud Light), as I suffer from a similar disorder.

The color is nice, there isn't much head, but the smell isn't giving me a lot of promise. The flavor is...not especially pleasant. I can't even figure out how to describe it. I knew not to expect anything like other light amber ales, but all I am getting is what I assume is the sorghum. No other kind of hops or nuances.

I really wanted to like this beer, but I just don't. I think making an IPA out of this and masking the flavor the malt would be a good direction. I don't think it's badly brewed, I just think I don't dig on sorghum. Unfortunate.

Grade: D

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