Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I wish I had a clever title

But I don't. The holidays have been quite busy, but enjoyable for me this year. Thanks to some shopping and gifts, I have 25 different beers in the fridge right now, including my own spiced holiday ale that I'm rather proud of, and the ever-elusive Great Lakes Christmas Ale. Some interesting things I've found recently: this article from Crain's Cleveland Business about the demand and sales of Great Lakes Christmas Ale. Good stuff there!

I also have some Yuengling in the fridge thanks to my sister's drive through Pennsylvania to get to Ohio. With Yuengling picking up a new brewery, there's a chance it could be coming to Ohio! This would make me a happy boy! Though, I wondering if having it readily available would ruin a bit of the mystique. I'm open to finding out.

I've also recently subscribed (I love RSS) to the Brookston Beer Bulletin. It's a pretty cool site. Check out the beer in art, beer in ads, and especially Guinness ads sections.

With that said, reviews of the copious amounts of beer I have will be coming soon. For now, I'm off to play some Assassin's Creed while wearing my new Ninja Turtle snuggie.

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