Thursday, November 11, 2010

Before After Beer

This is Before-After beer. It's Lithuanian. I must admit, I'll go after a beer just because of the label and name. Combine those with the 12% ABV and I had to try this. Yes, 12% ABV. For comparison, Bud Light as 4.2% ABV. So if you're looking for more punch from your beer, here you go.

I knew with a beer like this to expect something different and it certainly is. The color is crisp, clear, and orange. The taste was totally unexpected. Like red hot candies, a little bit of caramel, and oak. The finish even has some chile heat to it. It's incredibly complex, but I was a big fan. Even with that high of an ABV, I didn't think the alcohol was overpowering.

As a side note, it was nearly impossible to find any other reviews on this beer. Guess there aren't a lot of Lithuanian beers here!

Grade: A

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