Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stone - Levitation Ale

Stone Brewing Company is tied with Great Lakes as my favorite brewery. Opened in Escondido, CA, just north of San Diego, in 1996. Their ales are, overall, the most aggressive bunch I've had from any brewery. If you want mild beers, steer clear! I love the attitude and writing on the bottles, as well. Seriously, the writing on the bottles is almost as entertaining as the beer itself. And the Gargoyle's pretty sweet.

Levitation is a red ale. As expected, it pours a rich amber color. The hops are evident the second it's poured. At first, there is a high citrus note but that goes away as the hops kick your mouth's ass. It doesn't have the most bite of any beer I've had, but the bite is there for sure! Surprisingly low ABV at 4.4.

Great color, great flavor, aggressive but not overwhelming bite, very good lacing.

Grade: A

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