Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hi! I'm The Beer Fan. I love beer and it has nothing to do with getting drunk! (ok, maybe a little) However, I am not a beer expert. I'm not a brewmaster, I don't write books about beer, and I'm not a professional beer sommelier. I'm writing this blog to help you explore a world of beer that maybe you don't know about. I'm just a beer fan giving reviews, histories of breweries, advice, and answering questions for people who love beer, but perhaps don't know what Fuggles are.

So, what do you need to know to get started? Well, you should learn what you like and there's no way to do that other than trying! But it's good to know what characteristics and styles you like.

Ale or Lager?
The two types of beer. Ales are brewed using a top-fermenting brewers yeast that works better at room temperature. Lagers use a bottom fermenting yeast and is fermented at cold temperatures. Lagers tend to be lighter in color, with a more mild, yet crisp and clean flavor. Ales are generally richer, more complex, and more full bodied. Lagers also tend to have higher carbonation.

It's dark, that means it's bitter, right?
Not at all. The color of a beer comes from the roast and is not at all an indication of how bitter or bitey a beer is.

Head is good?
Indeed! When you've got a foamy head on a beer, it releases gases in the beer which then bring out some of the subtle nuances and aromas that make the beer unique. That leads to lacing, which is the trail of foam left behind. The more lacing, the better beer experience you'll have.

A great website is It will answer a ton of questions, break down almost any style of beer you can find, has reviews of every beer I've ever tried, and even has a list of where you can find beer in your city. Seriously, check it out!

Happy tasting!

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