Monday, September 13, 2010


I quit this for a while since the place with the best beer selection in town shut down. But with some new places including Ray's picking up some of the slack, Vino Bellissimo now carrying some beer (which you can buy by the bottle), and a few trips up to The Wine Merchant in Findlay, I feel it's time to get it going again.

I have also started homebrewing. So far I've made a Porter, American style Bock, British PA (not an IPA), and I currently have a Honey Cream Ale fermenting. The Homebrewery has fantastic products and everything you need to get started. It really isn't that difficult, however there is a lot that can go wrong. They have pre-made kits where if you can follow a recipe, you can make the beer. They also have everything you need to come up with your own recipe. I have been very impressed!

Now, onto the beer!

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